Research & Development

One of the most important pillars of our company is the focus on the Research and Development of materials, in which we invest 10% of our resources, both human and technological, every year.

We are indeed able to propose over 4,000 different types of recipes, thanks to the constant work of our technical staff. Our laboratories are indeed equipped with the most advanced machinery and the most modern technologies, enabling our teams to measure every single technical characteristic of the analyzed materials and evaluate the response and performance of rubber to different operating conditions.

In this perspective, in 2020, with an investment of two million euros, the CM Manzoni Group set up a new, very well-equipped laboratory for tests and analyses, extending over 1,000 square meters, which is now the heart of the Research & Development department.

Research and Innovation have been one of our main missions since 1965, which we have been pursuing for several purposes, including constantly improving the after-sales service we provide to our customers. In addition to the development of newly formulated compounds, the drive to research also concerns the re-engineering of existing compounds to improve their properties, reduce costs, evaluate new ingredients, or solve the possible problems encountered during production or when using a technical article. This study can be limited to simple instrumental tests or extend to the experimentation of new formulas.

Our Research & Development activity is structured into divisions, entrusted to specialists who have a deep knowledge of a specific sector or of contiguous areas, and who continue to improve their skills and competences through constant study, training and dialogue with our customers and partners. The creation and development of this type of skills, which can only be achieved in the field, through continuous exchange and sharing with customers and suppliers, is a strategic approach for us, as we wish to provide support to our customers not only as simple suppliers, but as real partners, who can take part in projects focused on an excellent finished product as a goal, and not just on the supply of the rubber compound itself.

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