Quality Policy

CM Manzoni S.p.A., part ofCM Manzoni Group,produces rubber compounds, as well as strained, granulated and calendered rubber products for numerousfields,including tyres, hoses, cables, conveyor belts and various technical items.

Being itin continuous evolution,performing intragroup dynamics are fundamental for CM Manzoni’sprocess management.

Customer satisfaction is the main goal that CM Manzoni intends to pursue,through the continuous quality improvement of its products and of the related production technologies.

CM Manzoni operates in an increasingly complex global market,in terms of both dealing with an increasing demand for high quality compounds, and designing and developingproducts that are more and moreperfectly in line withthe various regulations and restrictions that come intoforce.

CM Manzoni adopts a Quality Management System that is compliant with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Through collaboration at all levels, the company management is committed to:

  • comply with the applicable mandatory requirements, being it aware of the fact that non-compliance with the law may result in substantial penalties for the company, as well as in image damage. The regulations that are complied with are formalized in the document "reference legislation".
  • Ensure complete satisfaction of the customers' needs and expectations, by supplying products that meet the requested requirements, both by collecting and analysing feedback information, and anticipating any future requests and needs.
  • Increase and continuously and constantly improve the satisfaction of workers and customers through the adoption of a Total Quality System, encompassing: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Adopt an approach based on context analysis and on the implementation of actions for the reduction of risks and the pursuit of opportunities.

The quality management system, through the necessary documented information, thus specifies procedures, responsibilities and tasks for the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. improving the quality level of all the products.
  2. Transforming the company into a study & design environment, where everyone is enabled to participate collectively and concretely in a process of innovation and continuous improvement.
  3. CCreate a Quality System that does not limit itself to keeping the characteristics of the product under control, but that quickly, flexibly and effectively implements all those corrective measures and actions that prevent problems, instead of simply resolving them when they occur.

In addition to the development of the points mentioned above, CM Manzoni wants to pursue maximum customer satisfaction,by trying to anticipate future needs and requirements, and getting ready to meet them.

For CM Manzoni, therefore, Quality has become the measure of the effectiveness and efficiency of a series of business processes involving all those who carry out activities, within the company, aimed at increasing the product value recognized by the customers and their final satisfaction.In this context, a process is defined as a set of related or interacting activities that transform incoming elements into output elements; the product is the result of these processes.

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© Gruppo CM Manzoni 2015
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